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Lisa Marie & Jessica Veronica 

Los Angeles (USA) - 7:00 AM /PDT

Australia - Midnight /AEST

London (United Kingdom) - 2:00 PM /GMT

Mexico City (Mexico) - 8:00 AM /CST 

São Paulo (Brazil - São Paulo) - 11:00 AM /BRT

Manila (Philippines) - 10:00 PM /PHT

25 Dec 13 at 11 am


@lisa_veronica Merry f*cking Christmas 

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@lisa_veronica Merry f*cking Christmas 

29 Sep 13 at 11 am

Asked by Anonymous

asker Cold, Let it out, Bang Bang... are songs for the new album?

For the EP that they’re releasing first (I think it’s 4 songs?) they’re actually all songs that we haven’t heard apparently! 

As for the album, the name/track list/atmosphere of it keeps changing, so I’m not too sure what will be on there - hopefully Cold will definitely be - that’s certainly a favourite :)